AgeWell Cares: For Beloved Rachel L

Dear Rachel

I know you would not want me to gush over you, so I won’t. Just know I am eternally grateful for knowing you, loving you. Truth is, you grew to become more like my own mother. May this be my heart and my tribute to you. My very first client Rachael Leuck.


What is Believing? Believing is when your certain it will be or it already is, that it something is true that it exists

What is Trust? Having Hope is to trust

What is Hope ? Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen

What is a Dream? Something that has long been hoped for and has finally happened

“God sent an angel to talk to me, a person of exemplary conduct and virtue.”


An Angel by definition, is spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.

Before I started AgeWell, I was becoming skeptical and negative, I nearly stopped believing in faith and hope. After a period in my life, when I suffered pain through loss of loved ones and endured work environments that were even less satisfying. Long before I learned the power my thoughts hold, I stopped everything and started to search my soul. It was at that time my first Angel came to me, in a five pound, four legged Maltese-Yorkie mix, who I named Kailin. She began to help heal me.

I started AgeWell in 2009, With a dream of changing lives

Before I even had business cards or brochures, another Angel came to me, Her name was Rachael. My heart soared and I thought to myself, truly this was the Universe confirming for me that, “YES, Kevin this is the purpose of your calling.”
A little over one year after I founded AgeWell, I lost my dearest of angel’s, my grandmother Irma. She, along with my other angels who have already ascended into the heavens, like my mother Betty and my dearest earth angel, Rachel, they would set the trajectory of my life and AgeWell into what it is today. One thing I know, is the power of the spirit lives on and these angels of mine, still give me more in spirit than they could in their earthly bodies.

The thing is, “What if” I never met Rachel?

It is in the moment we think “What if?’ that we began to define who we have become today. It is when we think “what if,” we choose to opt out of untraveled roads that in turn, the universe conspires to direct our paths on which we are destined to travel. In these tiny instances of choices and decisions made, we  paint a greater portrait of our lives, one in which we may not even have envisioned ourselves.

Thank you, Universe for helping me to believe.
Thank You Rachael, Roberta, and family for trusting and believing in me.
Now AgeWell has two Matriarch’s and two Angels to look over us and to keep our dream alive. Thank You Irma, Thank you Rachael,
You LIVE in my heart, spirit, my existence, my purpose.
Kevin McAninch
CEO, Founder of AgeWell