Frequently Asked Questions

A professional geriatric care manager (PGCM) is an expert who specializes in assisting older people and their families to attain the highest quality of life given their circumstances.

AgeWell Care Solutions can assist families and caregivers in numerous ways. Our Care Managers conduct care-planning assessments to identify problems and to provide solutions; screen, arrange, and monitor in-home help or other services; provide short- or long-term assistance for caregivers living near or far away; review financial, legal, or medical issues and offer referrals to geriatric specialists; provide crisis intervention; act as a liaison to families at a distance, overseeing care, and quickly alerting families to problems; assist with moving an older person to or from a retirement complex, assisted care home, or nursing home; provide consumer education and advocacy; offer counseling and support.

Social Service agencies offer limited services to indigent individuals who otherwise may receive no services at all. The very wealthy often have no trouble obtaining the care they need because they are used to asking for it and can afford to pay quite a bit for it. If you are neither indigent nor extremely wealthy, often times your needs fall through the cracks. There are fewer follow-ups, very little outreach, and no service which is as comprehensive as what private geriatric care management can provide.

After an initial telephone consultation – offered free of charge – an assessment is typically necessary for care managers to understand the environment that the older adult is living in, their level of functioning and their current support network. The assessment involves interviewing the older adult and family members, gathering relevant medical records, developing an individualized action plan and discussing the options with the older adult and caregivers.

A Geriatric Care Manager who is experienced in caring for the elderly can be of great help in this situation. Oftentimes, these problems arise because siblings see their parent’s needs differently. A Geriatric Care Manager with AgeWell Care Solutions can assess your parent objectively and provide valuable information about what kind of care is best and most realistic under the circumstances.

With over 20 years experience understanding the ins & outs of the medical profession, AgeWell Care Solutions is extremely comfortable and competent to work closely with every professional and para-professional involved with your relatives health care and well-being. AgeWell Care Solutions can arrange and attend doctor’s appointments to ensure that the doctor is getting the full picture and that the elder is able to understand the doctor’s instructions. We interface with the home health or hospice nurses and aides who are involved, making sure that the plan of care is followed, and that detailed personal care is always properly performed. We also work closely with attorneys, financial planners, and clergy, to see that all of a person’s needs are being met, and not just in one area of life. We will talk to these individuals personally and get their input and medical and professional recommendations regarding the overall care needs and plan.

Many people believe they cannot afford private geriatric care management when they really can. Our initial free telephone consultation uncovers many of these misconceptions and will give you an idea of the cost and options involved. AgeWell Care Solutions has helped clients save thousands of dollars by recouping insurance monies, applying for assistance programs, recommending better health insurance plans, and using other cost-effective measures while still providing the highest quality care. Investing in your elder’s care through geriatric care management services is often the best thing you could do for them, and for you. Not only will you save money in the long run, you will save valuable and precious time and worry that can exhaust your non-financial resources or interfere with your job or occupation.

Medicare pays for very limited home healthcare services: primarily skilled care like nursing services or physical, occupational or speech therapy. It is a requirement that such care help the patient recover function following an illness or hospitalization and only is continued as long as the patient makes progress and is substantially house-bound. Medicare will pay for a small amount of help with activities of daily living (such as bathing and eating) for a limited time if the patient also is receiving skilled care. AgeWell Care Solutions will advise and assist you regarding government and private insurance coverages and options.

According to a Harris Survey on End-of-Life Care conducted in 2002, the vast majority of Americans (86%) believe that people with terminal illness would most like to receive end-of-life care at home. Yet nearly 70% of deaths in America today occur in facilities, primarily in hospitals and long-term care facilities. Caring for a seriously ill loved one at home can be intimidating and overwhelming. Most adult children have no experience or training in caring for an ill person at home. Adding to our sense of overwhelming responsibility is the rapid advance of technology, which has made the array of home-based medical interventions bewildering. There is little doubt that, when families commit to caring for a seriously ill loved one at home, they face many challenges. Under certain circumstances, Medicare will pay for hospice care in the home.

AgeWell can help you accommodate your family or loved one with a comprehensive in-home solution. We tailor In-home solutions to meet the needs of our clients by providing the necessary services that allow our clients to continue living at home. If your family or loved one is feeling unsafe, considering a new living arrangement is always an option. However, if your loved one is in no immediate danger, the process of selecting a new home should be a careful process. AgeWell Can assist you with effictively placing your loved one with the most appropriate care arrangement in mind.

With over 20 years of geriatric care experience, AgeWell can assist you in assessing the needs of your loved one. We assist you with a medical assessment if necessary and will work with you to look at all your options and assist in making the best recommendations for your loved one. If needed, a Geriatric Care Manager may also be able to streamline the transition into or out of a senior community, for both the elderly resident, family members and staff.

AgeWell Care Solutions can act as an advocate and liaison for your family or loved one. We will provide you with written or verbal updates addressing the well being of your loved one. As your Geriatric Care Manager, AgeWell will keep you informed of unexpected events or emergencies and involve family members in any decision-making. We can also arrange for in-home services to help your loved one with specific chores.

It’s common for an older person to initially resist outside help. AgeWell Geriatric Care Managers is the skilled in developing strong rapport even with difficult clients. AgeWell Care Solutions will be able to suggest several different approaches to overcoming a parent’s objections.

AgeWell Care Solutions can actually save you time and money over the long-term. Without previous experience in geriatric care, managing an aging loved one can be time intensive. By appointing AgeWell as your care Manager, we quickly assess the appropriate level of care and placement needed, so costly mistakes can be avoided. An AgeWell care manager can identify potential problems, such as safety hazards, problematic caregivers and unidentified or untreated health issues. We save you time from arising emergencies, protect you from inadequate or sub-standard service providers, and negotiate the best rates from providers who know we monitor the quality of their service for our clients.

Total care management costs are typically higher initially, but following the assessment and care plan, cost trend down because most clients only require regular monitoring or periodic services. After the initial assessment, you’ll see a stabilized situation in a short time. Beyond saving you money, we give you peace of mind, knowing your loved ones are being cared for as a member of the AgeWell family.

Everyone should have the necessary legal documents in place prior to a untimely crisis. AgeWell can assist you with legal referrals so your family or loved one has all the necessary documents in place, to facilitate on going and fluid care management.